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We have made guest posting easy for whom are willing to write on this blog. Only you need to register on our blog (it’s free) to start guest posting.

guest post policy

Why guest posting on HarpreetKumar.Com is a good idea?

Here are some reasons behind why you should guest post on HarpreetKumar.Com

  1. Your author image will be shown to each reader reads your guest post
  2. Your profile pic will be shown below each post you submitted on our blog
  3. I will personally edit your guest post if needed to make more valued
  4. We have target audience which is best for affiliate marketers to generate passive income
  5. We have target audience which is best for affiliate marketers to generate passive income
  6. Your articles will be shared on our social media links. Many of our readers will readers will read your post and like to visit your blog
  7. The content idea will be read our visitors and this is an awesome method to maintain the same (or better) level of authority and quality that I have built from day one.

Wait wait, before we proceed there are important guidelines you need to follow to get your post approved without any issue

Guest Post Policy

Before joining our blogging community, make sure you accept our term and conditions listed below:

  1. Content length: The guest post should be covered minimum 800 words where no limit for maximum words.
  2. Language: On this blog, we support only English language. However, if you want to post in Hindi. We always welcome you on our Hindi blog
  3. Quality: Write for the reader that attract attention and keep a reader stick on your post.
  4. Topic: We don’t allow to write a guest post on the same topic we submitted already. So before we get started, visit our posts page and browse or you can contact us to help you more.
  5. Images: The image is must be included in posts. We upload images in png format with dimensions 700px width and height 400px size up to 100kb and you have to do the same. For additional images, if need in posts can use with any dimensions.
  6. Image Credit: Your blog icon logo or any type of promotion is not allowed.
  7. Spelling mistakes: Guest posts with spelling mistakes should not be published. For avoiding spelling mistakes you can use Grammarly extension in your PC.
  8. Promotion: No self-link promotion and affiliate links will be allowed.
  9. Copyright Violence: We respect your hard work but remember no copyright content will be allowed. If in case we found you have submitted a copied guest post. We will immediately ban you from our community and you all posts will be redirected or deleted.
  10. Out-Source Credit: We respect everyone hard work. So if you want to give credit to

There are only a few categories listed below in which related post you can write on our blog:

If you have got another topic, kindly contact us so we can help you better.

So, in last, if you agree with our term and conditions go to the registration page and start writing guest posts.

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